Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s day is coming up on May 8th and it is very difficult to come up with new great gift ideas for your mom, grandma, aunt or other mother figures in your life. Here are a few ideas that will make your mom happy while not breaking the bank!

  1. Take Her to a Spa or Salon

Spa and salon days are always a nice treat. Get massages, facials, manicures, pedicures or a new hair style!

2. Create a video montage! 

Start recording moments with your mom or grandmother now if you don’t already have any. A video with happy clips, photos, and clips of you and your sibling explaining why you love your mom would make her day! Add a good song that reminds you of her and she is guaranteed to love it.

3. Treat her to brunch or dinner


What type of food does she really enjoy? Does she have a favorite restaurant? Dress up and take her there!

4. Make Her a Gift Basket

Photo Courtesy of


Add beauty products, lotions, perfume and bath products in a basket. You can color coordinate to make it look extra put together!

5. A Collage of All of Her Children

Mother's Day gift idea, mother's day gifts, Photo collage, Heart collage, Personalized art by Your Life, My Design
Photo Courtesy of

Add various photos of all children and grandchildren and put it in a pretty frame. Here is an example of one created at in the shape of a heart.

6. Cook or Bake Something for Her

Thick & Chewy Better Than The Boxed Brownies
Life Made Simple

Bake her some delicious brownies, cookies or a cake! It will be very appreciated. Brownie Recipe by Life Made Simple

7. Take her shopping


If your mom is fashion-oriented, take her to her favorite store and let her pick out a few items.

8. Buy her Jewelry


Who doesn’t love jewelry? It doesn’t have to be expensive, there are a few sources online that sell good quality jewelry for a relatively low price.

9. What does you mom, grandma or aunt really enjoy? Sewing, cooking, music, etc.?

Everyone is different. Each mother has some hobby or thing that she really enjoys a lot. Does she sew? Buy her new fabric or tools. Does she love romantic comedies? Buy her some and have a movie night in.

10. Make Her a 10 Things I love About You Book!

Think of ten things (or more!) that you love the most about your mom/aunt/grandmother and put it in a cute little booklet like this one!

Photo courtesy of The Creative Place blog on Blogspot

These ten things are just a starting point. There are so many things you can do or get for your mother. You just have to think about what she enjoys the most. Either way,  I am sure your gift would be appreciated.


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