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8 Summer Essentials: How to Slay Summer 2016:


It is almost summer time again! Here are 8 summer essentials to help you SLAY this summer ’16!

  1. Sunglasses

    Sunglasses are the number one accessory that makes anyone immediately look glamorous! On top of that, they can protect you from the sun if you get them with UV protection.

  2. BB Cream and Tinted Moisturizer

    Minimal make up is key for the hot summer days.Caking up a lot of make up on hot days will only lead to a melted face. I suggest trying BB Creams and Tinted Moisturizers for lightweight formulas.

  3. Swimsuits

    A cute bikini or monokini is a MUST in order to slay by the pool or at the beach.

  4. Rompers/Jumpsuits

    Rompers and jumpsuits are effortlessly cute and very easy to just put on when you don’t know what to wear.

  5. Sunscreen

    It is very important to keep your skin in check by always wearing sunscreen. Even when it is not sunny outside.

  6. Dresses

    A sundress, maxi dress and a party dress for the summer time will make getting dressed for summer events much easier.

  7. Hats

    Hats are one of the most useful accessories for the summer. Not only do they protect your face from the sun, but they also add a nice touch to your outfits.

  8. Lotion/Oil

    A good moisturizing lotion or oil makes a huge difference. Don’t forget it,so your skin can glow. Natural butters (Cocoa and Shea Butter, for example) work well, too.

These essentials are just a starting point for this summer and they are what is important to me, personally. What are some of your summer essentials? Write in the comments below!


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