How to Dress for a Summer Wedding

It’s wedding season! June and July are popular months for weddings. What an exciting time for the couple and their family and friends. However, there is one problem. What exactly do you wear to a wedding? Read along to find out more about wedding guest fashion etiquette.

Rule #1: Try not to wear white, unless requested. This is only to prevent competition with the bride.

Rule #2: Do not show off too much. If your dress is short, it is best to not have the back out and the sides out, as well.

Rule #3: Do research on the particular dress code to see what it calls for exactly.

Rule #4: No denim. Even if the invitation says “casual dress code.” Try to stay away from denim shorts, jeans, etc. It is better to be over dressed than under dressed.

Rule #5: Think about the venue. If the wedding is on a beach, think about footwear. Heels in the sand will become very annoying.

Below is a set I created on Polyvore of an example of a cute outfit to wear to a summer wedding. It is simple, yet still very stylish and affordable.



How to Dress For a Summer Wedding


River Island pink skater dress
$57 –

River Island chain strap handbag
$36 –

These rules do not apply to every wedding. If you are unsure of your dress code, do not be afraid to ask your bride what exactly she has in mind. What are your rules for dressing up at a wedding? Add them in the comments below!


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