9 Songs That Make You Feel Beautiful

Music is so inspiring. These nine songs will totally make you feel beautiful! Just imagine they were created just for you. In some cases, they just might be. 

  1. Beautiful by Cristina Aguilera-This song is so beautiful itself. Christina inspires a variety of people with her lovely lyrics.
  2. Beautiful by Snoop Dogg, Pharrell and Charlie Wilson-This awesome Snoop and Pharrell collaboration always makes me feel good. It never gets old.
  3. Beauty by Dru Hill- This is one of the few on this list. This 90s r&b record is a tale of how the men of Dru Hill experienced a little love at first sight and “Beauty is her name.”
  4. #Beautiful by Mariah Carey and Miguel-As one of Mariah’s many hit singles, this song just had to be on the list. The vocals aren’t bad, either.
  5. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction-This fun pop hit has a weird concept, being that the woman’s self consciousness is what makes her beautiful. However, this song is still fun and may uplift some of their directioners.
  6. You’re So Beautiful by The Empire Cast-Empire is one of the most popular television series so it is only right to add this song from the soundtrack featuring the entire cast.
  7. Beautiful By Damian Marley and Bobby Brown-This lively reggae tune can make anyone stand up and move!
  8. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt-Of course I felt obligated to add this song to the list seeing that he literally just sing “You’re beautiful” several times throughout the song.
  9. Video by India Arie-Another inspiring song that I felt was important to add. India teaches that although you may not look like a supermodel, you are still a beautiful queen.

What songs make you feel beautiful? Do you like any of the songs above? 


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