Back to School Beauty Guide

It’s that time of the year again!  Both High School and College Girls are preparing to return back to campus. This beauty guide consists of 6 tips on how to perfect a quick or inexpensive beauty routine. This is mainly for college students, but some tips may apply to high school students.

Tip #1: Wear mascara and lippie: When I am in a rush, I make sure my lips look right first and foremost. A good lip color is my favorite part of a beauty routine. If there is not much time on my hands, I put on a good lipstick and sometimes mascara.

Tip #2: Tie your hair up at night: It is extremely easy to maintain a hairstyle if you put it up at night time using a scarf or a bonnet. It also saves a little time in the morning.

Tip #3:  Use face masks: My face always looks and feels so much better after adding a face mask to my routine. The one I am currently using is from Forever 21 and it’s less than 3$, Papaya Deep Clean & Purifying.

Tip #4: Bring your own nail polish: This is for the college girls that may not have many good salons near them, or just want to save money. Bring some of your favorite nail polish colors and alternate using each of them.

Tip #5: Eyebrow essentials: As we all know, eyebrows frame your face so they are an  important part of your beauty routine.  It is difficult and can become expensive to find someone who can do your eyebrows the way you want them when you’re in college, so buy some eyebrow kits and figure it out on your own. Eyebrow razors can be found at local beauty supply stores for only $1 and E.l.f. has an eyebrow kit for $3. Also, ColourPop has eyebrow pencils for $5 and brow colors for $6. Practice makes perfect!

Tip #6: Instead of expensive moisturizers, use these: Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and oils. These natural butters and oils work well as a moisturizer and have many other uses as well!

Which of these beauty tips do you use? What are some other tips that help you get ready for class?


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