Fall Fashion Items You Must Have!

Fall has arrived! This season is a favorite for many because of the holidays, hot chocolate, cooler weather and beautiful nature. It is also a favorite in terms of fashion choices available. Here are some clothing items that you should get for this Fall and where to find them:
  • Boots:

    Booties, thigh-highs and Timberland’s can transform your plain fall outfit in the most positive way.  Boots are my favorite fall fashion item. There are a variety to choose from at DSW.
  • Sweatshirts:

    Graphic sweatshirts, sweater dresses and classic sweatshirts keep you warm while still being stylish. Nordstrom has a nice selection.
  • Leather Jackets:

    Leather Jackets have always been a favorite of mine. They instantly make any outfit better! Try Zara.
  • Bomber jackets:

    I am really starting to love bomber jackets! Try Boohoo for some inexpensive choices.
  • Leggings:

    Great transitional piece for when the weather is cold and breezy in the morning and warm during the day. For both  basic and printed leggings, look at American Apparel.
  • Denim:

    Jeans and Jackets are good casual essentials! You can still look cute with a pair of jeans or a denim jacket without trying too hard. Try FashionNova and Hollister.

    What other clothing items are Fall Essentials? Which of these is your favorite?


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