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My Christmas Wish List (Day 1 of 8 Days of Blogmas)

Hello!! I am starting a Christmas series: 8 Days of Blogmas. I will create 8 Christmas-related posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until Christmas. Day 1 is my personal Christmas wish list. This list will be very detailed with examples because I’m sending it to my friends and family.
  1. Macbook-I need a major computer upgrade and Macbooks are obviously the best. Seriously, in my field (public relations) it can come in handy.
  2. High waisted pants/jeans from Fashion Nova or Hollister (Size 1 at both)- I never had Fashion Nova jeans so I would like to try them but the only problem is their current shipping and customer service issues. If they get it together, I want the Beach Bum Jeans, Classic High Waist Skinny Jeans in Medium Blue & Light Blue (In order of my preference). If not, I love Hollister Jean leggings (High Rise & Regular Length). I like these and also these pair. In addition, I wouldn’t mind getting high waisted pants (non jeans) from other stores.
  3. Black knee-high or over the knee boots-I need new flat black boots. It’s a little hard to find some that can fit my legs well. Here is some that I think are cute: DSW.
  4. Gray or nude/taupe thigh-high boots with heels-For example, I like these and these “Daya by Zendaya” boots. (If you haven’t already, check out the infographic I created for that line. For less expensive options, look on : Ego Boots  and Public Desire.
  5. Silky dress/Nightgown or PJ Set- I am really into silk and satin clothes right now. It doesn’t have to be real silk, though. Missguided has so many great options, I might just go ahead and buy one of these myself especially with the current 40% off for students deal. Here are some of my faves: Cami Slip dress, Cowl Front Cami Dressand Floral Night Shirt. It doesn’t have to be from this website, though.
  6. Iphone 7 Plus (Rose Gold)-Because who doesn’t want this phone? I want an upgrade.
  7. Professional Blazer-I have blazers but I feel like I need one that fits better. Maybe in one of these colors: Navy Blue, Black or Gray.
  8. Slacks-I also need some good slacks. I don’t know the best place to find them but I don’t like pants that are very wide-legged. I would like some similar to this style: Slacks.
  9. Fur coat or camel coat-I want a more sophisticated and stylish coat. Something like this camel coat or this fur coat.
  10. Black heels- I only have black booties right now so I need some more like this or this.
  11. Make Up-Lipstick, Blush, Eyelashes, Eyebrow gel..You name it! I can always use some new makeup.
  12. Jewelry-I really like earrings but necklaces would be nice, too.
  13. Car-I had to add this 😛
  14. Purse-I can always use a new purse. 
  15. Money-When all else fails….just give me money <3. 
Bonus: I wouldn’t be mad if I received this romper I came across while searching for shoes. So cute!
What do you guys want for Christmas? Comment Below! And like  The Glam Island FB page and follow the Twitter account.

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