My Dream Closet and Guide to Decluttering

What would my dream closet look like?

As a fashion lover with a large amount of clothes, I often like to think about what my dream closet would look like. My dream closet will be beautiful, luxurious and of course glam!

My dream closet would be a full room and would look similar to a boutique.

Some people do not understand the importance of a full length mirror, but it is extremely important to have in my closet so I can make sure my items coordinate well. There would be a chandelier in the center above a storage unit. My jewelry would be displayed on a jewelry organizer hanger on this storage. The lighting would be very bright, in fact, I would have LED lights around the vanity and on every closet rod and section. There will be decorations, including inspirational quotes near the vanity area. They would be framed and look similar to this or this.  Makeup would be in the desk’s drawers.

There will be a wall for different categories of clothing and accessories. All of the clothes will be organized by type, color and season. There will be both a purse and shoe section, as well. I would hang everything on grey velvet hangers because that way clothes won’t slip off. Also, I would need a stepping stool to reach things on the top shelves.

The main thing that makes a closet look and stay beautiful is organization and that starts with decluttering. Get rid of everything you don’t really like or wear that often.  Here is a decluttering decision-making flowchart to help with those decisions.


Chart courtesy of MakeSpace.

What will your dream closet look like? Have you decluttered recently?

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