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5 Ways People Waste Money on Clothes

5 ways to waste money on clothes
Do you have a lot of clothing that just sit in your closet? Next time you go shopping, keep these things in mind before making a purchase.
  1. Buying things only because they are on sale
    If the only reason you buy something is because it’s on sale, you may end up not wearing it at all. Think about if you really need these sale items because buying a lot of sale items can quickly add up. If you don’t like the item that much then Β it may just be better to pay more for something you will really use or wear.
  2. Buying things because it looked good on your friend or a celebrity
    Every body is different. Everyone has a different body type, skin tone and undertone. These factors need to come into consideration when purchasing an item you saw on someone else.
  3. Buying clothes for others that care about style
    You just never know what someone may like or fit well so consult with them first.
  4. Buying clothes that are extremely low quality
    Clothes do not have to be super expensive to be of great quality. Do not buy clothes that may only last one wear. Research the companies and fabrics to be certain.
  5. Β Buying trendy clothing you’ll never wear
    Be honest with yourself: Will you ever wear that [trendy clothing item]? Where will you wear it? Does it even align with your personal style?
Thank you for reading! Which one of these things do you do often?
I’m guilty of number 3. Β As young as my baby sister is, she knows exactly what she likes when it comes to fashion and refuses to wear certain items. πŸ˜›
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6 thoughts on “5 Ways People Waste Money on Clothes

  1. Great points!! I was guilty of 1-3 before I had to shop on a budget and with a purpose. I still shop sale mostly but it’s usually items I have been eyeing since they came on the collection and I wait till they are discounted to buy and not break the bank. I also like to buy things that can be casual but can be dressed up and serve me for work and such.

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